an Earth2 project

Our vision is to be connected with the Earth2 Metaverse
We reward you for being invested in our location or buying CLUB tokens.


The Kraken is delighted to host Club2 in Skull City! The stylish Club2 Skull City Clubhouse is positioned in the heart of The Kraken Empire overlooking the Skull City port. Come be your best pirate Club member!

Vikings were feared because they raided and plundered coastal towns. club2 will be feared because of the loudest metal music you can imagine. we have a huge wooden stage for that.

“80s CITY seeks to be the one-stop location for all things 80s, and we truly mean all things. This is not a city that seeks to merely scratch the surface of 80s culture with a couple of songs and some hairspray like a hastily planned party but instead seeks to be an immersive universe within the greater Earth2 metaverse.

So what we found out was that this city project was planned for a group of friends, basically to have fun together. it soon became (as good projects do) bigger, but still is – perhaps also because it is located on two islands (as every club2 location by the way) – a very special, precious place. like a gem. like an 80s gem. like an 80s Miami vibe gem.

ZIGURAT CLUB2 could not be located in a better spot within Zigurat City. Surrounded by the best Zigurat South developments such as the “Sun X Tower”, “Art District”, “Overwater Bungalows”, “Zigurat Olympic Stadium” and the “Formula1 Racetrack” CLUB2 will ensure its members a great place for leisure and entertainment.

„The gilded Indian then … [threw] out all the pile of gold into the middle of the lake, and the chiefs who had accompanied him did the same on their own accounts“



We recognized that it needs crypto in the Earth2 metaverse.

Earn while you sleep – go with the hype and earn CLUB tokens. We will build the best earn crypto city platform in the Earth2 digital world. Be an early investor and earn rewards.

Our whitepaper

1. Static Rewards are conditional upon the volume of the token being traded. This mechanism aims to alleviate some of the downward sell pressure put on the token caused by earlier adopters selling their tokens after farming high APY’s.

2. A continuous burn on anyone’s protocol can be nice in the early days, however, this means the burn cannot be finite or controlled in any way. Having burns controlled by the team and promoted based on achievements helps to keep the community rewarded and informed.

3. Automatic LP is the secret mechanism of CLUB. Here we have a function that acts as a two-fold beneficial implementation for holders. First, the contract sucks up tokens from sellers and buyers and adds them to the LP creating a solid price floor. Second, the penalty acts as an arbitrage resistant mechanism that secures the volume of CLUB as a reward for the holders. In theory, the added LP creates stability from the supplied LP by adding the tax to the overall liquidity of the token, thus increasing the token’s overall LP and supporting the price floor of the token. This is different from the burn function of other reflection tokens which is only beneficial in the short term from the granted reduction of supply.

CLUB TOKEN employs 3 simple functions: Reflection + LP acquisition + Burn-In each trade, the transaction is taxed a 10% fee, which is split 2 ways.

5% fee = redistributed to all existing holders
5% fee is split 50/50 half of which is sold by the contract into BNB, while the other half of the CLUB tokens are paired automatically with the previously mentioned BNB and added as a liquidity pair on Pancake Swap.

50% Will be burned
50% For Tiles and the community
100% of the liquidity will be locked

Total tokens 1,000,000,000,000,000

Roadmap and milestones

1. Token Launch

Token launch was on the 3rd of May at 6pm GMT +1

2. Go Live on CMC & Coingecko

We will contact CMC and Coingecko for the Listening to be officially approved as a token.

3. Creating more Farms

Everyone who is not familiar with crypto can buy or farm tiles and we will lead you through how to receive CLUB tokens. Every week we will release farm locations.

4. Give the farmers the possibility to farm on Pancakeswap

Everyone who want to receive fees and when someone is buying CLUB you need to provide liquidity to the pool at Pancakeswap – so with this process, you will get passive income.

5. More milestones will come…

Become a member

Download & Setup MetaMask Or TrustWallet

Download MetaMask (a crypto wallet in form of a browser extension) or TrustWallet (an app for your phone). After that you will have to add the Binance Smart Chain to your network-list. (Click here for a step-by-step tutorial)

Buy And Send BNB To MetaMask

Buy BNB on an exchange (i.e. Binance, Kraken, Coinbase etc.). Transfer the tokens to your MetaMask wallet address. BEP-20 addresses start with a “0x”

Head On To PancakeSwap And Swap For CLUB

Click here to head on over to PancakeSwap or use this address 0x7ffe861bd4b8ed4ea3f8be750e1d81171f7ebedf  to select CLUB. Set the slippage tolerance to 12% (on error you may change it up to 13%, if that doesn’t fix the error, ask in Discord for help.


Swap BNB for CLUB. Now you need to add CLUB to your MetaMask (Tutorial here) to view your CLUB. Lastly HODL!


Binance will release an own NFT market in June. We will connect this token to our future NFTs on the Binance Smart Chain. We will release our NFTs in June.

Stay tuned.

We listen to your feedback!

If you have any suggestions or whishes please let us know we are one community!
Please contact us always in our social media channels. For us is the feedback of the community the most important one. Because without a community we cant grow. Everything must be connected. We aim also to connect the whole community guilds in Earth2 with our token CLUB.

Who is behind this project?

Jo & David:
We started investing in this game 24 days after it went online in November 2020. We purchased our first tiles and we were so impressed with the idea behind Earth2. After some months we saw that the development of the virtual game takes time. The main devs had problems to payout the community and their resources were very limited. So we decided to roll out a new project where gamers should have the possibility to connect crypto currencies with the digital world. The benefit of cryptocurrency is that you have fast payouts and also could gain profits if the community is behind this project. So our vision is to create the first digital token in Earth2 and connect it to the game. We believe strongly that we will succeed and connect many people to cryptocurrencies. 

Get rewarded for sharing our project

Real use cases to save the earth

Coming soon.

Farm at our crypto farm location


Fill out the form to receive tokens

If you purchased at our farm factory tiles please fill out the form with your Discord ID, BSC wallet address, the amount of the the tiles you hold and the Earth2 link of the tiles. This servers for us to approve if you are a real tile holder.

CLUB TOKEN listed at

CLUB token is available on thise exchange to trade


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